Welcome to Minfos. We are so pleased to have you onboard and trust you will find Minfos a profitable and efficient addition to your pharmacy. 

There are a number of resources available to Minfos customers on the Minfos Help Centre. We would like to draw your attention to those you may find most useful as a new Minfos customer. 

Please visit the pages below to ensure you and your pharmacy team enjoy a smooth start to your Minfos journey. 

The Minfos Help Centre

The Minfos Help Centre has been designed to allow you to find answers to your Minfos questions and request assistance efficiently and easily. It is the home of hundreds of Minfos help articles that contain easy to follow instructions to help you make the most of your Minfos. 

The Minfos Help Centre is also where your pharmacy can submit technical or training support tickets and request assistance from Minfos. 

Using the Minfos Till

Processing sales and accepting payment is the lifeblood of any business. With Minfos, we've made this process easy with our intuitive Minfos Till. Packed with all the features you would expect (and a few more!), the Minfos Till is quick and easy to use for both experienced staff and newcomers. 

Minfos Dispense Basics

Your dispensary is the backbone of your pharmacy. To get the most out of Minfos, we highly recommend that you explore the help articles available in the Dispense section of the Minfos Help Centre. 

To help get you started, we have handpicked a few essential reads for you.

Minfos Stock Management

We recommend all Stock Controllers and Retail Managers complete the Minfos Stock Management Essentials learning pathway and Minfos Advanced Stock Management learning pathway

This will provide the information required to efficiently and confidently perform stock control tasks in Minfos.

Minfos Software Tips & Maintenance

You can find technical information and processes in the Technical Tips section of the Minfos Help Centre.

Short on time? 

If you only have time for the very basics to get you and your team started with Minfos Dispense or the Retail Till, we suggest you complete the relevant Minfos Bare Essentials Learning Pathway.

These pathways cover just enough to get you started. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you make time to explore the other Minfos Learning Pathways when time permits.