This article covers the following:

  • Searching for a drug by active ingredient on the Dispense Form
  • Setting up your Preferred Generic Supplier or Recommended products, this ensures the Generic Drug Listing/Drug Recall window will populate with your pharmacy's preferred brand
  • Setting your Brand Specific configuration
  • Plus handy links to external websites for further information, plus some PDF FAQ downloads

Searching for the drug by active ingredient

From the Dispense Form with a patient selected:1. From the Drug field type a '/' and then the active ingredient (or part of the active ingredient) and press [Tab] e.g. /Amoxicil.

a. The Generic Sub Listing may display. Highlight the required combination and click Okay or use your [arrow keys] and press [Enter].

The Generic Drug Listing window is displayed, with your preferred generic or recommended product highlighted. If you currently do not have preferred generic suppliers set up, the Generic Drug Listing will highlight the first product in alphabetical order. 

a. This icon identifies a recommended product.

b. This icon identifies a preferred generic.

You can set up to 10 preferred generic suppliers and also flag individual products as recommended. You can then set Dispense to prompt you to ensure you and your staff select the correct brand.
Refer to Set Preferred Generic Suppliers to set your preferences and then refer to Flag a Product as Recommended to set individual products recommended flag.

2. Use the scroll bar to move through the list and highlight the product, then click Okay, or press the [arrow keys] to highlight the correct product and press [Enter]. 

The Dispense Form is displayed, updated with the drug selection you made.3. The Brand Specific checkbox should be unchecked and the label should display with the active ingredient listed first. If you require the dispense label to be printed Brand Specific, simply check the Brand Specific checkbox or press [Alt + B].

Tip: To ensure the Brand Specific checkbox is always unchecked, refer to  Set your Dispense Brand Specific Configuration to set this to Always Off.


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