This article covers the process of how to dispense compounding products in Minfos. 

Video demonstration

Step by step instructions

From the Dispense Form with a patient selected:

1. Enter the name of the compounding product required, e.g. Cream, Ear-Drop, Eye-Drop etc and press [Tab].

  • Click here for a PBS list of codes, maximum quantities and number of repeats for extemporaneously prepared benefits
  • Click here for information on Extemporaneous eScripts

The Drug Recall Window is displayed.

2. Select the required product.

  • If the prescription is for a Schedule 8 compounded product, ensure you select the listing with S8 in the product name. This will ensure the prescription is included in your S8 report. For example, CREAM-S8 CRM PER G

3. Price the script accordingly, either:

a. Click ADJ. The Extemporaneous Pricing window is displayed.

i. Enter your TOTAL COST PRICE and click Okay. The Price on the Dispense Form will update accordingly.

  • For information on PBS Extemporaneous pricing, click here

b. Type in the correct Price and refer to the GP% to ensure your profit is correct.

The cost used to calculate the COGS in Minfos will vary dependant on how you priced the extemporaneous item. If the TOTAL COST PRICE was adjusted in Extemporaneous Pricing window, Minfos will use that cost. If not, then the COGS will be based on the cost in the stock card.

The dispense label can now be updated to display the active ingredient / name of the compounded product. This will print on the dispense label, the repeat and some dispense receipts, as well as the patient history. 

4. Double click the existing text or press [Alt + L] to move the focus to the label, then press [Alt + L] to highlight the existing text, you can then type in the details you require e.g. Active Ingredient.

5. If you require two lines for your compounded product, press [Ctrl + Enter] to move to the second line of the label.

Tip: For Schedule 8 Extemp scripts, ensure you enter descriptive information in the Label with generic and/or trade name.

Note: The label field can have a maximum of 90 characters.

6. Save and process your script as per your usual process.

If you commonly dispense specific compounded products, you can add these as their own stock cards. However the stock cards: 
1. Can't be flagged as drugs. 
2. Always need to be dispensed privately, as a PBS Code cannot be added.
3. Can't have a schedule applied, so you cannot do this for S8 products. 
Refer to Add Local Products to Product Maintenance manually for the steps to add a product to Minfos.