This article covers two processes to dispense from a Prescriber Bag Supply Order Form. 

If the prescriber has both personal and Doctors Bag scripts dispensed in your pharmacy, it is recommended that two separate customer profiles be maintained – one for the personal scripts, and one for doctor’s bag prescriptions. 
Refer to Add a New Customer in Dispense for instructions on how to add a customer.

Video demonstration

Step by step instructions

Ensure you have the Doctor set up correctly in Minfos:

From the Dispense Form:

1. Select your Customer/Doctor.

The Dispense Form is updated, if the customer is set up as a Doctor the Type will display D. Doctors Bag.2. If the Type is anything other than 2. Doctor's Bag, the customer profile needs to be updated, click Change or press [F3].

The Customer Editing window is displayed.

3. Click the Customer Type drop-down and select 2. Doctor.

The Current Status will update to D.Doctor's Bag.

4. Click OK or press [Enter] to save.

The Dispense Form is updated and the Type is displayed as D.Doctor's Bag.

Dispense the Doctor's Bag script:

From the Dispense Form with a Doctor as the patient selected:

1. Ensure the Rx Date is correct.

2. In the Drug field type the name of the product required e.g. VENTOLIN and press [Tab] to search.

The Drug Recall Window is displayed.

3. Highlight the required product, ensuring you select the Dr's Bag Type and click Okay or press [Enter].The Dispense Form is updated the Rx Type and Form type are set to Doctor's Bag and the Price is set to 0.00.4. Enter the remaining details as per the script.

5. Save and process as per your usual dispense process.

Note Even though the price is $0.00 for Doctor's Bag prescriptions, they are required to be rung off the Till. Refer to Sell a prescription to a customer if you are unsure of this process.