Whether you have recently started a new role, or just don’t often process sales at the till, learning how to use a new point of sale program can be daunting.

The Minfos Sales Clerk Essentials learning pathway is designed to give you the knowledge and confidence to efficiently process sales at the Minfos Till. 

 Divided into manageable topics, each lesson or segment includes written materials and video demonstrations. Handy links that you may wish to save and refer to later will also be highlighted. 

For maximum benefit we recommend that you move through each of the learning activities in the order listed below. Don't forget to print or save the attached checklist to track your progress through this learning pathway.

Topic 1 - Getting started

Prepare to process sales at the till and ensure you have the information you need.

In this topic you will learn about:

  • your Clerk Code
  • opening the Minfos Till

Topic 2 - Create a sale

Learn to ring up items on the Till for sale. This topic will demonstrate how to:

  • ring up non-prescription products for sale
  • search for products
  • use hotkeys to add items to a sale
  • add prescriptions to a sale
  • use General Products to sell products that don't scan

Topic 3 - Process Payments

This comprehensive topic will show you how to finalise a sale and process payments. This includes:

  • cash payments
  • Eftpos and credit card payments
  • mixed tender types
  • customer account sales
  • cheque payments
  • customer account payments

Topic 4 - Frequently used Till functions

The Minfos Till has many useful tools available to help you serve customers efficiently and effectively. This topic will show you how to use the most frequently used functions including:

  • price check
  • holding and recalling a sale
  • discounting
  • adding a note to a transactions
  • cancelling a sale

Topic 5 - Returns, Voids & Exchanges

This topic will show you how to process refunds and exchanges at the Minfos Till. This includes:

  • returning items
  • voiding an entire sale
  • exchanging items

Topic 6 - End of Day Process

This topic will help you complete the tasks that need to be completed in Minfos at the end of each day.

These tasks are:

  • print a Till Summary
  • settle integrated EFTPOS (if applicable)
  • open the Till drawer
  • close Minfos

Track your progress
We recommend you print or save the attached checklist to keep track of your training progress.

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