Product Quick Fix gives you the ability to make bulk stock card changes quickly and easily. It can be sorted 18 different ways and over 20 product attributes can be fixed in bulk!

Open Product Quick Fix:

From Stock Manager:

1. Either click the Product Quick Fix icon or click the Products menu and select 4. Product Quick Fix.

The Quick Fix window is displayed.2. The default Sort By order is 1. Product, this can be adjusted by clicking the drop-down and selecting from one of the following:3. The From and To fields automatically adjust to suit the sort order selected. Product Quick Fix can be further defined by adjusting the From and To fields.

For Example:

a. If you would like to view/fix all products in a certain Location:

  • Select 7. Location as the Sort By order and enter the Location Code or Name in the From and To fields

b.  If you would like to view/fix all products in a New, Current or Past promotion:

  • Select 16. Promotion Number as the Sort By order and enter the promotion Code from Promotion Maintenance in the From field

c. If you would like to view/fix all products that currently have Symbion set as the Preferred Supplier:

  • Select 13. Preferred Supplier as the Sort By order and enter the Symbion supplier code 06080 in the From and To fields

d. If you would like to view/fix all products from an Order/Invoice in Order Maintenance:

  • Select 15. Order Number as the Sort By order and enter the Order No. from Order Maintenance in the From field

4. Once you have defined your Sort By, From, and To fields click OK.

The Product Quick Fix window is displayed with the associated products.

Tip Use standard windows shortcuts to highlight products e.g. press [Ctrl + A] to highlight all products displayed. Press [Shift + mouse click] to highlight a consecutive group of products and press [Ctrl + mouse click] to highlight multiple products.
a. Sorted ByDisplays the Sorted By, From and To selected on the Quick Fix window.
b. Show Stocked Only checkboxCheck this box to only display products marked as Re-order (Stocked).

Tip Press [F2] to clear the Stocked Only checkbox.
c. FilterClick Filter to further filter the Product Quick Fix window.
The Product Quick Fix Filter window is displayed.i. SOH:
  • All Products: This is the default, all products regardless of SOH will display
  • Displays Products with SOH: Products with positive SOH will display
  • Display Products with Negative SOH: Products with negative SOH will display
ii. Display Only Active Product Since: Use this checkbox and the Date field to only display products invoiced into your pharmacy since the entered date.
iii. Display Products Added Since: Use this checkbox and the Date field to only display products added to your database since the entered date. Added either locally (non MNPN products) or added via a Minfos update.
iv. Display Products Not Sold Since: Use this checkbox and the Date field to only display products that have not sold sold since the enterted date.
Tip Press [F2] to clear applied filters.
d.List of products displayed based on the filters applied. Right click the mouse to display the legend
e. FindClick Find to search for a product within the displayed list. If a filter has been applied and the product is not displayed based on that filter the Product not found prompt is displayed.
f. StockedHighlight a product/s and click Stocked to adjust the current stocked status of a product/s e.g. if the product is currently marked as stocked, click  Stocked to mark it as not stocked.
g. MergeHighlight a product and click Merge to merge another product into the highlight product.
The Product Merge window is displayed.
Refer to Action MNPN Product Merges for more information.
h. Stock CardHighlight a product and click Stock Card to open the Product Edit window. Changes can then be made to the product.
i. InfoHighlight one or more products and click Info to add information which can be displayed when the product is selected in Dispense, the Till, or Order Maintenance.
The Product Info window is displayed.
i. Enter Product Info for a single product.
ii. Enter Product Info for multiple items at once.Refer Add Product Info to a stockcard for more information.
j. FixHighlight a product/s and click Fix to make bulk changes.
The Quick Fix Selection window is displayed.Refer to the Product Quick Fix - Quick Fix Selection Overview article for detailed information on how to use this window.
k. LabelsHighlight a product/s and click Labels to either print or queue product or shelf labels.
The Product Labels window is displayed.
Refer to Print labels from the Label Queue for more information.
l. Product AuditHighlight a product and click Product Audit to view/print the Product Audit Report.
The Product Audit Report window is displayed.Refer to Product Audit report for more detailed information.
m. PrintClick Print to print or export a list of the currently displayed products.
n. CancelClick Cancel to close the Product Quick Fix window.