In preparation for serving your first customer, you must first be able to open and log into the Minfos Till. 

Your clerk code

A clerk code is used to record which salesperson processed each transaction at the Minfos Till. Your manager or owner will have set up a clerk code for you on or before your first day of work. 

Tip Make a note of your clerk code as it will be required each time you wish to use the Minfos Till.

Open the Minfos Till

Before you can serve any customers, you will need to open the Minfos Till module.

From the Minfos Launchpad:

1. Click the Till icon.

The Retail Till module is displayed.

2. Click the Till icon.

The Minfos Retail Till window is displayed.
3. When you are ready to serve a customer, type in your clerk code and press Enter.

Further reading
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Start the Minfos Till

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