Congratulations! You have reached the conclusion of the Minfos Sales Clerk Essentials learning pathway! 

The materials and videos included in each topic of this learning pathway are designed to provide you with the knowledge to confidently and efficiently process sales at the Minfos Till.

Further resources

Like any workplace, the requirements and workflow in each pharmacy may differ. While this learning pathway has provided you with a firm grasp of the basics, we encourage you to explore the Minfos Help Centre and learn more about other tasks or processes you may be required to perform in your pharmacy. 

Some suggested areas that may be relevant to your pharmacy include:

Using the Minfos Help Centre

To help you make the most of the Minfos Help Centre, visit the Using the Minfos Help Centre area, where you can find help and guidance on finding information, setting up an account and submitting a ticket for assistance.

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Once again, congratulations on completing the Minfos Sales Clerk Essentials Learning Pathway and best wishes on your journey with Minfos.