The Minfos Till Management learning pathway is designed to provide you with the knowledge required to complete tasks in Minfos that are commonly performed by pharmacy managers or supervisors.

Divided into manageable topics, each lesson or segment includes written materials and video demonstrations. Handy links that you may wish to save and refer to later will also be highlighted. 

If you haven't already, please review the Sales Clerk Essentials learning pathway materials before continuing with the Till Management pathway. 

For maximum benefit we recommend that you move through each of the learning activities in the order listed below. 

Don't forget to print or save the attached checklist to track your progress through this learning pathway.

Topic 1 - Handle hotkeys

Learn more about hotkeys at the Till in this topic.

This topic will demonstrate how to:

  • create hotkeys
  • edit hotkeys
  • remove hotkeys

Topic 2 - Manage discounts

This topic will show you the tools to help you manage discounting more efficiently.

Learn how to:

  • set up and charge reportable discounts
  • run the Reportable Discounts report
  • change the quick discount keys on the Till 

Topic 3 - Check & correct use of General Products

This topic will show you how to monitor for and correct instances where General Products have been sold in the pharmacy.

This topic will demonstrate how to:

  • check the usage of General Products
  • correct the product that did not scan
  • correct the sale containing the General Product

Topic 4 - Display till messages

Learn to use Till Messages to send a communication or reminder to staff each time they use the Till.

This topic will demonstrate how to:

  • set up a message to display to staff at the Till
  • edit or disable the message as required

Topic 5 - Useful Till reports

This topic will cover Till reports that are useful for managers or supervisors.

Learn in what situations and how to run the:

  • Till Summary report
  • Previous Takings report
  • Till Exceptions report

Topic 6 - Docket messages

Learn to change the message displayed on your Till dockets to communicate with your customers.

This topic will demonstrate how to:

  • add and update your Till docket message

Track your progress
We recommend you print or save the attached checklist to keep track of your training progress.

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