From the Dispense Form:

1. Select a patient that has already been registered for an ASL. If the customer states they have been registered but the ASL button does not display ASL Request Access refer to the Troubleshoot ASL article.

2. Click ASL Request Access.

The Consent to MySL window is displayed.

a. Click Request Consent if the details listed above match the patient’s contact details. The processing window is displayed.

The Dispense Form is updated to display ASL Consent Pending.

i. To resend consent to the patient's Primary Contact click ASL Consent Pending.

The Resend Consent window is displayed.

ii. Click Resend.

Once the Primary Contact has granted access the Dispense Form will display ASL View.

b. If the details need to be updated, click Update ASL Profile. Refer to Update a patients ASL article to learn how to update the ASL profile details.

c. Click Cancel to return to the Dispense Form.