The Bank Account shown by default in the Cash Manager module is 0601.00.000. This can be set to default to a different account if required.

From the Cash Manager module.

1. Click the File menu and select 1. Business 

The Business Maintenance window is displayed

3. Highlight the required business and click Change.
The Business Editing window is displayed

4. In the Bank G.L. A/c field either

a. Enter the General Ledger Account No. and press [Tab]. Or,

b. Enter part of the General Ledger Account Description, and press [Tab]. The General Ledger Search window is displayed, select the required account and click Okay.

The Bank G.L. A/c field is updated with the selected account.

Note: To add a new bank account to the Chart of Accounts please refer to Add Bank G.L. Account in Chart of Accounts

5. Click Okay to save the changes and return to the Business Maintenance window.

6. Click Cancel to exit the Business Maintenance window.