• Do I have to be at work to view the Minfos Learning Pathways?

    No, you can access the Minfos Learning Pathways from any computer or tablet that has internet connectivity.
    1. Visit the Minfos Help Centre
    2. Select Minfos Learning Pathways

Content FAQs

  • Which Minfos Learning Pathway is right for me?

    The Minfos Learning Pathways have been designed to provide the knowledge required by certain roles in community pharmacy. If you are unsure of which pathway you should explore first, think about where you spend most of your day at work. If you spend the majority of your day assisting customers and processing sales, Sales Clerk Essentials may be best suited to you. If you spend time in the dispensary, we recommend exploring Dispensary Essentials as a priority. If you perform stock control duties we recommend Stock Management Essentials and Advanced Stock Management.

  • I'm a Locum Pharmacist who would like to learn how to use Minfos. Can I access this training?

    Yes, you definitely can. You can also reach out to the Minfos Support team for further assistance. 

  • I don't have time to complete an entire Minfos Learning Pathway right now, what should I do? 

If you only have time for the very basics to get you and your team started with Minfos Dispense or the Retail Till, we suggest you complete the relevant Minfos Bare Essentials Learning Pathway. It is strongly recommended that you make time to explore the other Minfos Learning Pathways when time permits.

  • I'm not a new Minfos user, should I look at the Learning Pathways?

    Even if you have been using Minfos for some time, it is still worthwhile to explore the Minfos Learning Pathways. There are new enhancements or functions added to the Minfos software frequently, you may discover a function you weren't aware of, or an easier way to complete a task you are currently doing. 

  • How can I see what is in each Minfos Learning Pathway?

    The Overview page of each Minfos Learning Pathway will list the topics covered and a breakdown of what you will learn in each topic. 

  • How can I keep track of which topics I have completed?

    The Minfos Learning Pathways were designed so that the content can be learned in manageable segments. To track your progress, print or save the Minfos Learning Pathway Checklist that is available to download from the first page of each pathway. Save or print the checklist so that you can mark off your progress.

  • I have further questions about one of the topics covered. How do I found out more?

    Each topic has links so you can read articles about specific functions in more depth. If you require further assistance after exploring these, please log a ticket and the Minfos Support team will contact you.