Points per $ clubs will accrue a set number of points per dollar spent by the customer e.g. 1 point per $1 with a goal of 200 points or $200 spent.

“When the customer has spent $200 they receive a $10 gift voucher.”
From Club Maintenance: 

1. Click Add.
The Club Maintenance window is displayed.

a. Enter the Club Number, by default, this number will be the next available number. 

b. Enter the Name of the club. 

c. From the Club Type drop-down select 0. Points Per $

d. Enter the number of Points that the customer will receive Per $ spent and enter the Per $ amount that the customer will need to spend e.g. 1 point per $1.

e. Allocate the number of points required in the Goal field in order for the customer to receive a voucher. The Or $ will be updated based on the Points Per $ and Goal amounts.

f. Point Rounding: If the customer does not spend a whole dollar, indicate how the sale will be rounded by selecting one of the following options in the drop-down box:

  • Nearest e.g. $1.25 rounds down to $1.00, $1.50 rounds to $2.00
  • Next e.g. $1.25 rounds up to $2.00, $1.50 rounds up to $2.00
  • Down e.g. $125 rounds down to $1.00, $1.50 rounds down to $1.00

g. Select one of the following options from the Reward drop-down box:

  • 0. Gift Voucher: the salesperson will be prompted to issue a Gift Voucher at the end of the transaction when the customer reaches the goal
  • 1. Other: will allow a different reward to be given. This may be in the form of a product, gift etc. 

h. Indicate the Voucher Redemption per Points values e.g. $10 voucher per 200 points.

i. Enter a Message at Till that the sales clerk will be alerted with when the customer has reached their goal. 

j. Enter a Message on to appear on the customers’ docket. This may be left blank. 

k. Enter the number of months in the Clear Points After field to indicate when points will expire.  The number of months cannot be altered once the new club has been saved.

2. Click OK to save the club or click Cancel to close without saving.

Next steps:

Refer to Minfos Clubs Overview if this club is a Master club i.e. all products are included or refer to Add Products to a Club to add specific products to a club.