At times products are added to your pharmacy database via a supplier that you do not purchase the stock from.

For example:

  • Symbion MNPN Update: the stock is invoiced by Symbion Pty Ltd (06080)
  • Pharmacy Care (Sigma): the stock is invoiced by Sigma Pty Ltd (19090)
  • Natio: the stock is invoiced by John Munro Agencies Pty Ltd (10156)

This article will take you through ways to update your stock cards so the Preferred Supplier is set correctly.

The Preferred Supplier can be updated:

  • One by one anywhere the stock card can be accessed


  • In bulk, using Product Quick Fix.

The PDE for your actual Preferred Supplier may not yet exist in your Minfos Database as the only supplier associated with this new product will be the supplier that had the MNPN update run. 

  • If you fix the products one by one in the Stock card you can easily retain the PDE from the MNPN updated supplier to your actual supplier. 
  • If you use Product Quick Fix, you will need to manually update the PDE IF you need to order the product today. If you do not need to order the product today, you can leave the barcode as the PDE and when the actual supplier update is next applied the PDE should update.

This ensures the stock is considered for the correct generated orders. Refer to Generate Orders Overview for more information.

Note Symbion MNPN Update has been used as an example throughout this article, however the same process applies for all suppliers.

Fix the Preferred Supplier in the Stock Card

From the Product Edit window:

1. Click the Categories tab.The Product Edit window is displayed with the focus on the Categories tab.

2. To retain the PDE from 06086 Symbion MNPN Update to the correct preferred supplier, after typing in the Supplier Code e.g 06080 for Symbion Pty Ltd, press [Enter]. You cannot click OK.

The usual process is to press [Tab], if [Tab] is pressed the PDE field will be blank and you will either need to leave it blank (the barcode will become the PDE) or manually type in the PDE.


1. Open the Stock card

  • If [Enter] was pressed after entering Symbion Supplier Code:
  • When [Tab] was pressed after entering the Symbion Supplier Code:
  • Product Quick Fix

    From Stock Manager:

    1. Either click the Product Quick Fix icon or click the Products menu and select 4. Product Quick Fix.

    The Quick Fix window is displayed.2. The default Sort By order is 1. Product, click the drop-down and select 13. Preferred Supplier.

    3. In both the From and To fields enter the Symbion MNPN Update supplier code 06086 and click OK.The Product Quick Fix window is displayed, populated with all products with Symbion MNPN Update set as the Preferred Supplier.4. Use standard windows shortcuts to highlight products e.g. press [Ctrl + A] to highlight all products displayed. Press [Shift + mouse click] to highlight a consecutive group of products and press [Ctrl + mouse click] to highlight multiple products.5. Click Fix.

    The Quick Fix Selection window is displayed.

    6. Check the Preferred Supplier checkbox, enter 06080 in the text field and press [Tab].

    7. Click OK to fix the Preferred Supplier from 06086 Symbion MNPN Update to 06080 Symbion Pty Ltd.

    The Product Quick Fix window is re-displayed with the same products highlighted.8. Click Cancel to close Product Quick Fix.

    or if you need to transmit this product on an order and you know the PDE:

    9. Highlight a product and click Stock Card.

    The Product Edit window is displayed.

    10. Click the Categories tab.

    11. Update the PDE and click OK to save.

    Note If you do not update the PDE after changing the Preferred Supplier to 06080 Symbion Pty Ltd the item will appear on an order with the barcode instead of the PDE.   Products cannot be electronically ordered or invoiced without the correct PDE.