Follow this process to cancel Cheque payments that have previously been recorded and reinstate invoices to be paid (if required).

From the Payables module:

1. Click the Transaction menu and select 6. Supplier Work Bench.

The Supplier Work Bench window is displayed.

2. Enter the Supplier Code of the supplier you need to cancel a Cheque for.

3. Enter the invoice date in the Starting Date field. 

4. Check the Opening Balance and Show Paid checkboxes.

5. Click Okay.

The transactions for the supplier are displayed in the Supplier Work Bench window.6. Highlight the required transaction and click Cancel ChequeThe Cancel Cheque window is displayed.

7. Check the Calculate GST checkbox if the payment included GST.

8. If the invoice is still outstanding, ensure the Re-instate checkbox is selected. Uncheck this option if the invoice is not required to be re-instated.

9. Click Okay.

  • The Cheque will be cancelled. If the Re-instate checkbox was selected, the invoice will be re-instated as outstanding