An option to set and retain a Special Price for a customer’s medication is available in Dispense. Once set, the next time the same drug and quantity is dispensed to the same customer, the Special Price will populate in the Price field.

This option is available for Private and under co-payment prescriptions. The Special Price can be greater or less than the ‘normal’ price to customer.

This function must be enabled in Dispense Configuration prior to use.

Video demonstration

Step by step instructions

Enable Special Price function

From Dispense Pro:

1. Click the Maintenance menu and select D. Configuration.

The Configuration window is displayed.

2. Click the Printing/Pricing tab.

3. Check the Special Price checkbox.4. Click OK to save.

The Special Price checkbox, will now be displayed on the Dispense Form

Set and retain a Special Price

After selecting the customer and the drug on the Dispense Form:

1. Enter the special price for the medication into the Price field and check the Special Price checkbox.2. Save and process the script.

  • The next time the same drug and quantity is dispensed to the customer then the price to customer will display the special price and the Special Price checkbox will be checked
  • The SP price indicator will be displayed, see Dispense Form Price Indicator

3. To revert to the original price, uncheck the Special Price checkbox and click the ADJ button. 

This will remove the special price for that dispensing and all subsequent dispensing's of that drug/quantity for the customer.

Note: Once a customer is given a special price for the drug/quantity then this needs to be managed by you. If the cost price of the drug changes, then the special price will not be adjusted. Refer to the GP% field on the dispense form to ensure that the GP on the script is adequate.

Special Price and Regulation 24 prescriptions

The Special Price is not used for Reg 24 scripts and the price to customer should be reviewed. The Special Price checkbox is disabled for Reg 24 scripts.

If the script being dispensed is a Reg 24 and there is a special price set, the Minfos Dispense Pro prompt is displayed: