Minfos has the option to process your customer account payments via direct debit. When you enable this feature, you will be able to receive and reconcile customer account payments via direct debit at the end of each month.

 There are two options for Direct Debit in Minfos:

  • ABA: Your pharmacy and your customers banking details are set up and saved in Minfos, the file produced by Minfos can be shared directly with your bank for processing
    • ABA export is the default configuration for Minfos
    • To receive payments via direct debit for customer accounts, your business must first set up Direct Debit with your bank. The bank will provide you with a User ID that you can then enter in Minfos along with your other bank details
  • Third Party format export: No banking details are recorded and saved in Minfos, the file produced each month contains the customer’s Minfos ID, date for processing, amount to be debited and the file is to be shared with a third party (for example to import into EziDebit)
    • Please contact Minfos Support to set up this direct debit configuration option

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Video demonstration

Step by step instructions

From any Minfos module except the till:

1. Click the File menu and select 1. Business.

The Business Maintenance window is displayed.

Graphical user interface, application, Word

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2. Highlight the required business and click Change.

The Business Editing window is displayed.

Graphical user interface, application

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3. In the Direct Debit section at the bottom of the screen:

a. Check the Enable checkbox.

Note: If you have had Minfos Support configure your pharmacy for the Third Party format export, only the Enable Direct Debit checkbox is visible, skip to Step 3.Graphical user interface, application

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b. Enter the Account Name.

c. Enter the BSB.

Note: The BSB field will validate the bank against a known list of Australian Banking Institutes. The remaining account details can be verified by correct format only, so be careful to ensure these are correctly entered. 

d. Enter the Account Number.

e. Enter the User ID provided by your banking institute.

4. Click Okay to save and close Business Editing.

5. Click Cancel to close Business Maintenance or highlight your business/pharmacy and click Okay.

Next Step: Set Up Account for Direct Debit.