Since 2012, Services Australia have issued NASH SHA-1 certificates to allow healthcare organisations to connect to various digital health services. To provide stronger protection, SHA-1 NASH certificates are now being replaced by SHA-2 NASH certificates.

Connections to digital health services MUST transition from NASH SHA-1 to NASH SHA-2 certificates. The option to receive a SHA-1 certificate will no longer be available after 13 March 2022.

Warning: Organisations must be running at least Minfos software version 6.5.1 before renewing their NASH certificate. If you do not update your software you will not be able to request a SHA-2 certificate.

NASH SHA-2 certificates are now available in Healthcare Provider Online Services (HPOS) to request and download.

  1. Log into your PRODA account.
  2. Select Go to service on the Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) tile. If you get a request to confirm organisation here as the next step, Select No Organisation - proceed as an individual only and click continue.
  3. Select My Programs.
  4. Select Healthcare Identifiers and My Health Record.
  5. Select Healthcare Identifiers - Manage existing Records.
  6. If you are asked to select your organisation then select it, otherwise you may be taken directly to the next page.
  7. Select My organisation details.
  8. Go to Certificates tab.
  9. Select Request or Renew – (if existing certificate is within renewal period).
  10. Complete the Request Form (NEW HPOS steps are shown below).

  1. Search for and select the software product in the drop down list as shown in the screenshot. You will be able to select Minfos 6.5.1. 
    1. The SHA-2 level will be automatically allocated as shown in the screenshot.
    2. Complete remainder of form and click Save changes.
  2. Review certificate status and click Submit.


  1. When the NASH SHA-2 certificate is ready to download you will receive a text message to the mobile number provided and see the status reflected as Active in the HPOS certificates tab.
    1. Click the blue hyperlink Download and use the PIC code sent to the mobile phone.
    2. Save the file to your computer and refer to Install NASH PKI Certificate for step by step guidance to install the certificate.