In order to link a customer and charge items to a third party, the third party must first be created in your Minfos. 

1. Navigate to the Third Party Maintenance window.

a. From Dispense Pro module:

i. Navigate to the Maintenance menu.

ii. Select 7. Third Party.

b. Alternatively, from the Minfos Dispense Form:

i. Select Extended.

ii. Select 7. Third Party Maintenance from the Extended Dispense Options window.

The Third Party Maintenance window is displayed. 

2. Use the Find button to check that the third party does not already exist in your system.

3. If the third party cannot be found, click Add.

The Third Party Entry window is displayed. 

4. Enter a unique Code for the new third party. Eg: WC for Workers Compensation

5. Enter the full Name of the third party.

6. Enter the third party Registration Number, if applicable. 

7. Enter the Street address of the third party.

8. Enter the Suburb of the third party.

9. Click Find to locate the State and Post Code.

10. Alternatively, manually enter the State and Post Code details.

11. Enter the Phone and Fax Numbers of the third party.

12. Enter the Email address of the third party.

13. Press [Tab] to move past the Club field. A Club will automatically be created for the third party.

14. Do not select the Auto Invoice checkbox. If checked, all prescriptions (including those the third party should not be charged for) will be automatically charged to the third party account. 

15. Enter the number of statement copies you would like printed in Invoices to be Printed.

16. Select the Auto Label checkbox to automatically print special labels. 

17. Select the Last Repeat checkbox if you would like to automatically generate last repeat reminders for any patients linked to this third party.

18. Select the Use Address checkbox to reflect the third party address in linked patient's profiles.

19. Select the Co-Payment checkbox to exclude all patients linked to the third party from co-payment discounting.

20. Click Okay to save.

Note: Before you are able to charge items to a third party for a customer, you will need to link the customer to the third party. Refer to Link a Customer to a Third Party for further instructions.