There are a number of prerequisites that must be met prior to linking a customer to a third party.

These are:

1. The Third Party has been added to your Minfos. Refer to Add a Third Party for guidance.

2. The Customer exists in your database. Refer to Add a new customer in Customer Maintenance or Add a New Customer in Dispense.

3. The Customer must have an account. Refer to Add a new customer account.

Link a customer to a third party

1. Navigate to Customer Maintenance.

2. Use Find to search for the relevant customer.

3. Highlight the customer and click Change.

The Customer Editing window is displayed. 

4. Click the Carer tab.
5. Select Third Party from the Type of Carer drop-down menu.

6. Enter the first letter of the relevant third party name in the Third Party field and press [Tab].

The Third Party Search window is displayed.
7. Select the relevant third party and click Okay.

The name of the Third Party is populated in the Carer tab.

8. Enter the Claimant Number of the patient. 

9. Click Okay to save.

When a customer is linked to a third party, their claimant number will be displayed on the Customer Search Window and in the customer’s address box on the dispensing screen. Displaying these numbers makes it easier to identify these customers.