There are a number of prerequisites that must be met prior to invoicing items to a third party customer account.

These are:

1. The third party has been added to your Minfos. Refer to Add a Third Party for guidance.

2. The customer exists in your database. Refer to Add a new customer in Customer Maintenance or Add a New Customer in Dispense.

3. The customer must have an account. Refer to Add a new customer account.

4. The customer must be linked to the third party. Refer to Link a Customer to a Third Party.

Ensure these prerequisites have been completed before attempting to charge items to a third party customer account.

Manually Invoice to a Third Party Customer Account

From the Minfos Dispense Form:

1. Dispense the relevant script for the patient.

2. Complete the script as normal.

The Script Options window is displayed.
3. Select I. Invoice to Account and click Okay.

The Account Charging window is displayed with all scripts highlighted.
4. Deselect any highlighted scripts that you do not wish to charge to the customer's third party account.

5. Ensure the Third Party Invoice checkbox is checked.

6. Click Okay. 

Highlighted scripts will be invoiced to the third party account, un-highlighted scripts will not be invoiced.

7. Click Cancel to return to the Script Options window.

8. To invoice any remaining scripts to the customer's personal account:

a. Select I. Invoice to Account and click Okay.

b. Ensure the relevant scripts are highlighted.

c. Uncheck the Third Party Invoice checkbox.

d. Click Okay.

9. Alternatively, select X. New Customer in the Script Options window to begin dispensing for a new customer.