Once charges have been placed onto a third party account, you will need to be able to accept payments for these accounts separately from the customer’s regular account. The following processes are performed at the Till.

From the Retail Till screen:

1. Enter your Clerk Code.

2. Select A/C Pay.The Customer Account Payment window is displayed.

3. Select Change Customer.

4. Search for and select the customer.

The Customer Account Payment window will display a 3rd Party button for customers that have a third party account.

The default status of this button is No, meaning that any payment processed will be processed against the customer's regular account.

To accept a payment for this person’s third party account:

5. Select the button to change the status to 3rd Party (Yes).

6. Select the Payment Type for this transaction.

7. Enter the Amount the customer is paying.

9. Enter amount Tendered.

10. Select Enter to complete the transaction.