This report shows changes made to Supplier Product card fields in Stock Manager for all suppliers (preferred and alternate). It includes changes with both local and external sources, enabling Stock Controllers, Retail Managers and other key staff to review the changes and establish the source of the change.

Fields included in the report:

  • Supplier PDE changes
  • Retail Units
  • Shelf Pack
  • Minimum Order Qty
  • Minimum Shelf Hold
  • Maximum Shelf Hold
  • Order Multiple
  • RRP
  • RRP 2

Video Demonstration

Step By Step Instructions

From Stock Manager:

1. Click the Reports menu, click 2. Product Reports and select 7. Supplier Product Audit Report.

The Supplier Product Audit Report window is displayed.

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2. Choose your ranges for each field:

  1. Enter the Date range to be reported on.
  2. Enter the Supplier range to be reported on.
  3. Enter the Product range to be reported on.

3. Click OK to run the report.

The Supplier Product Audit Report is displayed.


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Report Columns

The Supplier Product Audit Report will display the following columns related to the event.




Date of change.


Time of change.


The Minfos Station ID.


User that made the change, e.g. BR1.


The Source column indicates the reason for the change, such as:

  • DISP UPD - Dispense Update
  • Mulitstore H/O - Changes made by your Multi-Store Head Office
  • MOQ & OM Import - Minimum Order Quantity and Order Maintenance Import
  • Order API - Order Application Programming Interface
  • Import MNPN - Direct supplier updates, maintained by Minfos Master Database
  • Supplier Update - Wholesaler updates ,maintained by Minfos Master Database
  • Manual Changes, e.g. 
    • Navigating to the stock card and making a manual change to the retail unit field
    • Navigating to the Supplier Stock card and making a manual change to the retail units


The Minfos National Product Number.

Prod no.

Product Number.


Product Description.


The SOH of the product at the time the report is run. An item with a broken or part pack is displayed as a decimal e.g. 1.25.

Change Type

The type of change that was made, e.g. Retail Price, PDE, SOH change.

Previous Details

What the value (e.g. PDE) was before it changed.

Changed Details

What the value is, resulting from the change.