Note: It is not possible to reverse the deletion of an AR (Accounts Receivable) Product. AR Products that have transactions recorded against them cannot be deleted.

From the Receivables module: 

1. Navigate to the Maintenance menu, then select 2. Product. 

The AR Product Maintenance screen is displayed.

2. Find and highlight the product you wish to delete.

3. Click Delete.

 The AR Product Delete window is displayed.

4. Check that this is the product you wish to delete, then click Okay.

 The Delete Record prompt is displayed.

5. If you are sure you wish to delete the specified AR Product click Yes.

To cancel and return to the AR Product Maintenance window click No or Cancel.

6. Minfos will attempt to delete the specified product.

a. If the specified product has transactions recorded against it an error will display. Click OK to return to the Product Maintenance window. 

b. Otherwise, the product will be deleted.

To hide a AR Product that has transactions against it from appearing in the product list, change the Product Type to Deleted.