The AR Customer Maintenance window allows you to add, delete, change, view, copy and merge AR customers.

It is important not to confuse standard pharmacy customers with Accounts Receivable (AR) customers. In the case of standard pharmacy customers, account purchases are made through the Till and statements are issued from Customer Management. AR customers may be charged for goods or services supplied, however payments received are NOT processed through the till. They are debited directly at the bank.

Examples of AR Customers include payment types such as Afterpay, health funds, Workers Compensation programs or other pharmacies that stock transfer to or from your store. 

Access AR Customer Maintenance

From the Receivables module:

1. Click the Maintenance menu and select 1. Customers.

The AR Customer Maintenance window is displayed. 


AR Customer Maintenance window overview

Refer to the table below for an explanation of each of the key features of the AR Customer Maintenance window.

aCodeShort code for AR Customer
bCustomerAR Customer name
cPhone NoAR Customer Phone number
dAddCreate a new AR Customer
eChangeEdit an existing AR Customer
fDeleteDelete an existing AR Customer
gEnquireView details of existing AR Customer
hFindOpens Search window to search for AR Customer
iCopyCopy a range of AR Customers from one Business to another Business
jMergeMerge duplicated AR Customer records
kSortChange the sort order of the list
lNext/PrevScroll to the next or previous pages of the list
mCancelExit the AR Customer Maintenance window