It is possible to merge duplicate AR (Accounts Receivable) Customer records in Minfos. By merging two AR Customers, the invoice history for both records is combined, and the profile information is retained from the Master Customer (e.g. Name, Address). 

From the Receivables module:

1. Navigate to the Maintenance menu, then select 1. Customers.

The AR Customer Maintenance window is displayed. 
2. Select the AR Customer that will be the Master (the AR Customer whose profile details you wish to retain). 

3. Click Merge.

The Merge Customers window is displayed. 4. In the Slave Customer field enter the Code for the other duplicate AR Customer record and press [Tab]. 

Alternatively, enter part of the name of the AR Customer and press [Tab], then select the AR Customer and click Okay. 5. Confirm that the Master Customer and Slave Customer are correct.6. Check the Merge checkbox and click Okay. 

The AR Customer Records are merged and the Master AR Customer remains in the AR Customer Maintenance window.