Salesperson Maintenance can be access from both the Retail Till or Receivables modules. This window allows you to manage the list of salespersons who work in your pharmacy. 

The same Salesperson list and information is used in Till and accounting activities. 

Access Salesperson Maintenance:

From the Receivables module:

1. Navigate to the Maintenance menu and select 4. Salespersons.

From the Retail Till module:

1. Navigate to the Maintenance menu and select 3. Salespersons.

The Salesperson Maintenance window is displayed. 

Salesperson Maintenance window overview

Refer to the table below for an explanation of each of the key features of the Salesperson Maintenance window. 

aCodeShort code for each Salesperson.
The Salesperson will use this code to log into the Till.
bSales Person NameThis name will also appear on Till dockets.
cAddCreate a new Salesperson.
Refer to Add a Salesperson.
dChangeEdit an existing Salesperson.
eDeleteDelete an existing Salesperson.
Note: Salespersons who have been used cannot be deleted.
fEnquireView the details of an existing Salesperson.
gFindOpens the Search window to search for a Salesperson.
hCopyCopy Salespersons to another Business. Refer to AR Copy Salespersons.
iPrintPrint a list of Salespersons.
jSortChange the sort order of the list. 
kList AllDisplays all Salesperson records including automated actions such as Auto Invoice. 
lNext/PrevMove to the next or previous page of the list.
mCancelExit the Salesperson Maintenance window.