The AR Monthly Ageing Report lists the total amount outstanding for AR Customers for various monthly ages. The invoice date is used to age the invoices.

Information displayed by this report includes:

  • AR Customer Code
  • AR Customer Name
  • Ageing balances per period

From the Receivables module:

1. Navigate to the Reports menu.

2. Select 1. Customer then 5. Monthly Ageing Report.

The Debtors Ageing Report window is displayed. 3. Select the Business (if applicable).

4. Select the Ageing Date to report on.

5. Select the Sort Order. 

The options are:

  • 1. Customer Code
  • 2. Customer Name

6. Check the Skip Negatives checkbox if you would like to exclude debtors with negative balances from the report. Otherwise leave unchecked.

7. Select the AR Customer Category to report on. The default value includes all AR Customers.

8. Use the checkboxes to filter the report. To generate the report without filters leave all options unchecked.

a. Check Filter by Category to filter by Customer Category

b. Check By Product to filter by AR Product

c. To include on specific AR products check Filter By Product then select the AR products you want to report on from the text box.

9. Click Okay to run the report. 

The Ageing Report is displayed.