The AR Customer Enquiry function is useful to view transaction details for the specified AR customer.

From the Receivables module:

1. Navigate to the Enquiry menu.

2. Select 1. Customer Enquiry. 

The Customer Account Enquiry window is displayed. 

Refer to the table below for an explanation of the features of this window. 

ACustomerEnter the relevant AR Customer Code or use the arrow buttons to move through the list of AR customers.
BModifyLaunch the A.R. Customer Enquiry window to edit the AR Customer.
COpening BalanceDeselect the checkbox to exclude opening balances from the list of transactions.
DShow PaidSelect this checkbox to include invoices that have been paid.
EStarting DateThe beginning of the date range you wish to view.
FEnding DateThe end of the date range you wish to view.
GTransaction detailsThis panel displays the transactions for the selected AR customer including:
  • Invoice date
  • Type of transaction
  • Invoice Number
  • Due Date
  • Transaction Description
  • Total of transaction
  • Running Balance
Next/PrevNavigate through the listed transactions.
ChangeSelect a transaction and click Change to edit transaction details.
EnquireSelect a transaction and click Enquire to view transaction details.
SearchLaunch the Search window to search for a particular transaction by Number.
CopySelect an invoice and click Copy to duplicate the invoice.
Re-PrintSelect an invoice and click Re-Print to print a copy of the invoice.