You can conveniently automatically invoice any scripts still waiting at the Till during the End of Day (EOD) process for patients that are in a hospital set up for auto invoicing. This saves you from needing to manually invoice the script from the Script Options menu at the end of dispensing or charging them via the Till.


There are a number of prerequisites that must be met prior to auto charging for hospital patients. 

These are:

  1. The hospital is configured for Auto Invoice in the Hospital Editing window. Refer to Set up a Hospital.
  2. The patient has an account or has been linked to an account. Refer to Add a new customer account or Link customer accounts.
  3. The patient is linked to the hospital. Refer to Add a patient to a Hospital

Auto Invoice

When all prerequisites have been met, and script/s are dispensed to a patient who is linked to a hospital that is configured for auto invoice, then as part of the EOD process Minfos will automatically charge the item/s to their account.

Alternatively, you can invoice at the end of dispensing:

1. Dispense and complete the script/s for the patient as normal.

The Script Options window is displayed.

2. Select  X. New Customer from the Script Options menu.

All scripts you have just dispensed to the patient will be charged to their account.