The Customer Enquiry window allows you to filter your customer database based on defined criteria. For example, the screen can display the customers who are currently keeping scripts on file at your pharmacy. 

Key features include:

  • Filter your customers into manageable lists using a range of search criteria
  • Double click on a customer to quickly access the Customer Editing screen, or click the Change button
  • Quickly reset filters by pressing [F2], returning to the default list displaying all customers
  • Easily export a filtered list as an Excel or PDF file using the Print button

The list is dynamically refreshed each time you [Tab] out of a filtering option. There is no need to refresh or click in and out of fields to generate the list.

Access the Customer Enquiry window

From the Customer Management module:

  1. Click the Customer Enquiry icon

Customer Enquiry screen overview

a. CustomerEnter a specific customer's code, surname, or a enter a range.
b. StateSelect a state from the dropdown box or leave the default of Select to display customers of all states.
c. SuburbEnter the first few letters of a suburb to filter all customers with the text matching the beginning of their suburb. E.g. entering ‘Fair’ will return customers in ‘Fairfield’, ‘Fairbourne’ etc. To ensure the Suburb is an exact match after entering the first few letters, select the Find button next to the suburb field to select the correct suburb.
d. PostcodeEnter a postcode to return all customers with that postcode. Partial postcodes such as ‘39’ will return all customers with postcodes beginning with ‘39’.
e. FacilityFilter customers by Facility type such as a nursing homes, hospitals or third parties, or enter the name, ID or code of a particular facility to view a list of customers assigned to that facility.
f. PrescriberEnter a Prescriber name, ID or code. If multiple prescribers match the entered name, a Prescriber Search window will allow you to select the correct prescriber.
g. StatusFilter customers by entitlement status, displaying all customers with a particular status e.g. concessional or repat.
h. TypeIf a status of R. Repatriation is selected, you can then filter further by selecting the repat type i.e. white, gold or orange.
i. Co-Pay StatusFilter customers by a selected Co-Pay Status.
j. Display emailDisplay the customer’s personal or account email. Selecting this option will update the email address that is displayed in the list of results.
k. AccountDisplay all customers with an account.
l. Email StatementDisplay customers who have their statements emailed to them.
m. Linked to AccountDisplay customers who are linked to a master account. This master account number is then displayed in the Linked To column within the refined list.
n. Scripts on FileDisplay customers who keep their scripts on file.
o. CTGDisplay all Closing the Gap customers.
p. IHIDisplay customers with an Individual Health Identifier.
q. UCIDisplay customers with a Unique Customer Identifier.
r. Customer NotesDisplay customers with customer notes.
s. Additional A/C ChargesDisplay customers configured for additional account charges.
t. Next and PrevNavigate through the pages of displayed customers.
u. ChangeOpen the Customer Editing window for the selected customer. Double clicking a customer will also display the Customer Editing window.
v. FindSearch within the current list of customers for a particular customer using their surname or customer number.
w. MergeMerge duplicated customer records.
x. PrintGenerate and print the Customer Enquiry Report.