Head Offices can view a report of changes made to Centralised Customer Accounts, including details of what information was changed, when, and by whom. You can filter by type of change to find events of interest.

Run the account audit report

From Customer Management:

1. Click the Reports menu, then click D. Account Audit Report.

The Account Audit Report window is displayed.

  1. From and To: Select the first and last account to be included in the report.
  2. Starting Date and Ending: Enter the date range in the report period.
  3. Sort By:Click the drop down to choose the report column to determine the sorting order. The available options are:
    • Date/Time
    • UserId
    • UserName
    • Station
    • Changed By Code
    • Changed By Name
    • Master Store Pharmacy Code
    • Master Store Pharmacy Name
    • Account Code
    • Account Name
    • Change Type
    • Field Name
    • Old Value
    • New Value
  4. Change Type: select one or more of the checkboxes to include the corresponding change type in the report. The change types can include multiple fields, e.g. check the Postal Address checkbox to list all accounts that have had any change to their address fields, including street, suburb, state, postcode, or Use this address checkbox.

Note: Account Creation will display Manually Created for manually added CCA accounts and Imported for accounts created via the CCA Import tool.

2. Click OK to run the report.

3. The Account Audit Report is displayed.

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Description automatically generated

Report columns

Column name



Date of change


Time of change


Identity of user that made the change

User Name

Name of user that made the change


The Minfos Station Id where the change was made

Changed By

The store where a user changed the value

Master Store

The home store of the Centralised Customer Account

Account Code

The Centralised Customer Account Id

Account Name

The Centralised Customer Account name

Change Type

The type of change that was made, e.g. Statement Preferences

Field Name

The specific field that was changed, e.g. Statement Method

Previous Details

The old value before the change, e.g. Email

Changed Details

The new value after the change, e.g. Print