If a sale or payment is accidentally recorded against the wrong account, the Head Office can transfer that transaction to the correct account.

From Customer Management:

1. Click the Enquire menu, and select 2. Customer Account Enquiry or click the Customer Account Enquiry icon.

The Customer Account Enquiry window is displayed, with the first CCA customer selected.
2. In the Customer field, enter the name or code of the account that was charged incorrectly, then press [Tab].

The Account Search window is displayed.

3. Highlight the required the account and click Okay.

4. Enter the Start date and End date that the transaction occurred between, if required. these fields default to include the last 12 months.

5. From the Trans. type dropdown menu, select the type of transaction that occurred, if required. By default, All Sales is selected.

Note: If the Trans. type dropdown is updated the transactions that match the search parameters are displayed, skip to step 7.

6. Click Okay or press [Enter].

The Please Wait prompt is displayed. The transactions that occurred within the search parameters are displayed. 

7. Highlight the required transaction and click Transfer.The Transfer Account Transaction window is displayed.8. In the To Account field enter the name or account code of the account you wish to transfer the transaction to, then press [Tab].

The Account Search window is displayed.

9. Highlight the correct account and click Okay.

The From Account and To Account fields will display the name of the accounts selected.10. Check you have selected the correct accounts, then click Okay to complete the transfer.

The selected transaction will now be recorded against the To Account. The transaction details remain unchanged.