Head Office staff can use this process to print statements for account holders who have opted to receive a printed statement. This can be used for a single account or for a range of accounts.

Print statements for accounts

From Customer Management:

1, Click the Reports menu, select 2. Statements and then click 3. Re-Print Statements.

The Re-Print Customer Statements window is displayed.

2. Select the required options:

  1. Select store - by default All stores is selected, click the dropdown and select a specific store, if required.
  2. From Customer - displays the first Centralised Customer Account in the database.
  3. To Customer - displays the last Centralised Customer Account in the database.
  4. Statement Date - displays the date the statements were last run.
  5. Print Ageing Information - check to print current, 30, 60, 90 balance information, and the outstanding balance from last month’s account on the statement.
  6. Exclude Inactive Accounts - check to exclude accounts that are inactive (i.e. unable to make payments or be charged) or leave unchecked to include all accounts.
  7. Show Names - check to print individual patient names against dispensary transactions (use when more than one person’s scripts are going onto the same account).
  8. Exclude Email Statements - check to exclude accounts where statement preference is set to email.
  9. Include Zero Balance Accounts - check to include accounts with zero balances or leave unchecked to print only accounts with a balance.
  10. Print Double Sided - check to print on both sides of the sheet of paper.
  11. Run Type - select General Sales.

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3. To reprint a statement for a single account, enter the same account details in both the From Customer and To Customer fields.

  1. Type the account’s surname and press [Tab].
    The Account Search window is displayed.
  2. Select the desired account and click Okay.

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4. Click Okay to generate the account statements for the selected accounts.

The Processing window is displayed.

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The statements are displayed.


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Tip: To print the banking details on the statements refer to Set up store for direct debit payments from Centralised Customer Accounts. 

5. Click Print to print the statements.

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6. The Print window is displayed. Click Okay.

The statements are printed.