Note: By default, Customer Statements for Centralised Customer Account pharmacies are automatically aged and emailed at the end of the month, if you would like this feature turned off, log a ticket with Minfos Support.

If your group is not configured to automatically age and send Customer Statements:

  • Head Office staff can manually age the CCA Statements, click here to learn how
  • The CCA Statements can then be emailed by following the steps below

If a CCA pharmacy in your group needs to re-email Statements:

  • Follow the steps below

From Customer Management:

1. Click the Reports menu, select 2. Statements and then click 6. Email Statements.

The Email Customer Statements window is displayed.

2. Select the required options:

  1. Select store - by default All stores is selected, click the dropdown and select a specific store, if required.
  2. From Customer - displays the first Centralised Customer Account in the database.
  3. To Customer - displays the last Centralised Customer Account in the database.
    Note All Centralised Customer Accounts are ranged, but only Centralised Customer Accounts with email statements set up and statement preference set to Email or Both are included in the statement preview.
  4. Statement Date - displays the date the statements were last run.
  5. Print Ageing Information - check to print current, 30, 60, 90 days balance information, and the outstanding balance from last month’s account on the statement.
  6. Exclude Inactive Accounts - check to exclude accounts that are inactive (i.e. unable to make payments or be charged) or leave unchecked to include all accounts.
  7. Show Names - check to print individual patient names against dispensary transactions (use when more than one person’s scripts are going onto the same account).
  8. Include Zero Balance Accounts - check to include accounts with zero balances or leave unchecked to print only accounts with a balance.
  9. Run Type - select General Sales.

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3. Click Okay to generate the account statements for the selected customers.

The Processing window is displayed.

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The statements for the selected Centralised Customer Accounts that have email statements set up are displayed, over separate pages, with an Email Statement watermark on each.

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Tip: To print the banking details on the statements refer to Set up store for direct debit payments from Centralised Customer Accounts. 

4. Review the Centralised Customer Account statements to ensure the transaction and customer details are correct.

5. Click Email to email all the statements to the Centralised Customer Accounts shown on each page.

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6. If the Open File - Security Warning prompt is displayed, click Run.

The Email Statement Send Result Report is displayed and shows the success or failure of the emails.

  1. If the Email Statement Send Result Report contains a Failure Result, your pharmacy will be sent an automated notification via the email account provided in your email statements set up.