When a sale is refunded to the customer using the Void function, an option to refund the surcharge amount is available.

Surcharge refunds are not automatically applied for returns or exchanges made via the Cancel and Return options.

Void a sale

From the Till:

1. Enter your Clerk Code and click Void Sale.
The Number Entry window is displayed.

2. Enter the transaction number of the sale you want to void into the Docket No. field and click Enter.The Void Sale window is displayed.

3. Click the payment method for the refund e.g. Card.The Credit Menu is displayed.4. Click the required Payment Method.

A prompt is displayed asking if you want to refund the surcharge.5. Make your required selection:

  1. To refund the surcharge, click Yes. In this example Yes has been selected.
  2. To exclude the surcharge amount from the refund, click No.

The Credit Menu is updated and displays the breakdown.
6. Click Enter to process the void.