Ensure you have configured your system for interest charges or flat fees before following this article.

Charges for overdue customer accounts should be set to run automatically during the End-of-Day process on the last day of each month. If this process has not been completed successfully, you may be required to run the account charges manually.

Tip: Did you know you can set up Automatic Additional Account charges, this is handy for postage fees.

Manually charge flat fees or interest for overdue account balances

From the Customer Management module:

1. Click the Functions menu and select 3. Account Charges.

The Overdue Account Charges window is displayed.

2. In the Month of field, enter the last date of the applicable month.  

3. If applicable, check the Charge Lay Bys checkbox.

4. Click the Charge Type dropdown and select either Interest on Overdue Accounts or Flat Fee per Period.

5. If Interest on Overdue is selected: the monthly interest on the closing balance will be calculated using the interest rate per annum. This amount will be charged to the customer account. 

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a. Check the Charge Cut Off value. If the calculated interest is less than this value the interest will not be charged to the account. Update if required, refer to xxx to update this value permanently.

b. Check the Interest rate p.a. Update if required, refer to Configure interest or flat fee charges on overdue customer accounts to update this value permanently.

c. Go to step 7.

6. If Flat Rate per Period is selected: customer accounts will be charged the relevant flat fee for their number of days overdue. You can choose to charge accounts where the overdue balance is over a particular value.

a. Check the Flat fee for 30, 60, 90 Days fields. Update if required, click Save to update these values permanently.

b. Check the if overdue amount is greater than fields. Update if required, click Save to update these values permanently.

7. Check the Run checkbox. 

8. Click Okay to apply the charged to overdue accounts.

The Processing window is displayed.

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Once completed, the Overdue Charges prompt advising how many accounts were charged.

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9. Click OK to close.

10. Follow the steps in Manually age customer account statements if applicable.