Multi-store Head Offices that are using Centralised Customer Accounts can choose what pharmacies in their group display during CCA functions. If a business in your Multi-store group does or does not display whilst performing CCA tasks, you can adjust the Visible as CCA store checkbox.

Note: The Visible as CCA store checkbox is checked by default for CCA stores.

How to set a business as a Centralised Customer Account pharmacy:

From Business Maintenance (accessed from the File menu in Dispense Pro, Stock Manager or Customer Management):

1. Click the File menu and select 1. Business.

The Business Maintenance window is displayed.

2. Highlight the required pharmacy and click Change.

The Business Editing window is displayed.

3. Check or uncheck the Visible as CCA store checkbox.4. Click Okay to save and close the Business Editing window.

5. Click Cancel to close the Business Maintenance window.

Note: If a pharmacy does not display at Head Office during a CCA process e.g. setting the master store, creating direct debit files, during the direct debit reconciliation process or transferring a transaction from one account to another, ensure the Visible as CCA store checkbox has been checked for CCA stores.