From the Minfos Launch Pad:

1. Click Dispense Reports.


From the Dispense Pro module:

1. Click the Reports menu and click More Reports.

The Dispense Reporting module is displayed.

2. Click the Drugs menu and click 4. Drug Usage by Manufacturer.

The Drug Usage By Manufacturer Report window is displayed.Make the required selections:

a. Enter the required Manufacturer code and press [Tab] or enter the name and press [Tab]. The Manufacturer Search Window is displayed. Highlight the required manufacturer and click Okay.


b. Check the All Manufacturers checkbox to include all manufacturers in the report.

c. Enter the required Starting Date and Ending Date.

d. Click the Detail Level drop down and select from:

e. Check the Schedule 4 or higher drugs only checkbox, if required.

f. Check the Non-Premium Only Drugs with no brand premium are referred to as generic brand checkbox, if required.

3. Click Okay to run the report.

4. Click Print to print the report.

Report Examples: