There are two configuration settings that allow you to control the displayed warnings.

To set this configuration:

From the Dispense Pro module:

1. Click the Maintenance menu and select D. Configuration.

The Configuration window is displayed.

2. Select the Dispense / Customer tab.

3. Refer to the Drug Interactions groupbox.

a. Scan Interactions Days: This option allows you to set how far back Minfos will refer in the patient’s dispense history.
 Select the number of days in the past that Minfos will scan the patient’s dispense history in order to find potential interactions. By default, this is set to 180 days.

b. Ignore severity level: Set to ignore lower level interactions so that these do not prompt when dispensing. Choose between three levels of filtering for displayed interaction warnings.

Ignore Severity Level:Result in Minfos Dispense:
1. Minor and lesser severity levelsOnly Severe and Moderate warnings are displayed.
2. Caution and lesser levelsSevere, Moderate and Minor warnings are displayed.
3. None (default)
All warnings, Severe, Moderate, Minor and Caution are displayed.
Note: The selection affects only the automatic interaction alerts that are displayed when a drug is selected in the Dispense Form. Other areas where interactions are reported, e.g. when you click Interact f7 on the Dispense Form, will not be influenced by this selection.

4. Click OK to save the close the Configuration window.