The Minfos Bare Necessities learning pathways are designed to provide the bare essential information to get you started in Minfos Dispense or Retail Till - in the minimum time possible. 

While we recommend that you and your team complete the relevant standard Minfos Learning Pathway where possible, we understand that sometimes (such as when you are opening a new pharmacy or changing over from another software) there just isn't the time. 

In these circumstances, we recommend you complete the Minfos Bare Necessities learning pathways!

How are the Bare Necessities learning pathways different?

The Minfos Bare Necessities learning pathways only cover the bare minimum that you need to know to get started using the Minfos Till or Dispense. The pre-existing Minfos learning pathways provide all the information you need to confidently use Minfos for the tasks relevant to your role. 

Therefore, the Bare Necessities learning pathways are shorter and take much less time to complete. 

Top tips to get the most from the training

  • Prioritise training for staff members who work more often as they will be around to answer questions from other staff
  • Appoint Till or Dispense 'champions' who your other staff can turn to for assistance
  • Ensure your team is familiar with using the Minfos Help Centre to search for and find help articles when required
  • Encourage all team members to complete the relevant Minfos Learning Pathway training over a period of time. This will boost their skill and confidence when using Minfos, and minimise any errors that may occur

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