Video demonstration

Step by step instructions

Once a script has been dispensed to a patient set up for HICAPS in Minfos it can be claimed with HICAPS.

From the Script Options menu:

1. Highlight /. HICAPS and click Okay or press [ / ].The HICAPS Script Selection window is displayed. All scripts waiting at the Till for the selected patient are displayed.2. Highlight the required script(s) that need to be claimed.

Tip: Use standard Windows shortcuts [Shift] or [Ctrl] + the mouse, to highlight multiple scripts.

3. Click Claim Selected.

The HICAPS Claim Management window is displayed with the first script selected in the previous step.4. When starting a claim, Minfos will automatically conduct a search for the dispensed item and display any matching results.

a. Match found:i. Highlight the matched product.


b. No match found:

i. Update the name in the Item field or enter the program’s item code (if known) in the Code field and press Search.ii. The Search results are displayed, click the appropriate product from the list.

5. The HICAPS Predetermination prompt is displayed. Click Hide to hide the prompt, the predetermination will continue to run.The HICAPS Claim Management window is re-displayed and the Selected Item Predetermination information is displayed.

Note: If you close the HICAPS Claim Management window after a predetermination has been run, the following HICAPS Claim Management prompt is displayed:

Click Cancel to return to the HICAPS Claim Management window and continue with the claim.


Click Continue to the HICAPS Script Selection window.  

  • A predetermination will return an indication of the likely amount to be covered by the claim
  • Once a successful predetermination has been completed a claim can be submitted
  • The claim will be submitted for the same item and quantity that was used for the predetermination
Note: The Claim Qty can be updated if required, partial quantities can also be entered e.g., 1.5.  Press [Tab] and a new predetermination search will run.

6. Click Submit Claim.

Note: If the Claim Total is greater than the Script Total the Submit Claim prompt is displayed.

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Click OK to continue with the claim or Cancel to return HICAPS Claim Management window.

The Till will indicate a credit is to be paid to the customer.

The HICAPS Claim prompt is displayed.

a. Click Hide to close the prompt, the claim will continue to be submitted.

b. The Claim Status is updated to display Awaiting response.

7. Click Next Item if multiple scripts were highlighted in step 2, then repeat steps 4 to 6 for each script.


8. Click Close to return to the HICAPS Script Selection window.9. Click Refresh Claim Status to update the Claim Status.Once the Claim Status updates to Approved, you can process the scripts through the Till. If you process the transaction at the Till before the Approved Claim Status is displayed, and the customer pays for the script themselves, then you also receive a reimbursement from HICAPS, you will need to reconcile this outside of Minfos.

  • If the claim is rejected, repeat the steps to submit the claim again
Note: Even if the Claim Total is the same value as the Price i.e., fully covered by the program, the scripts will need to be processed through the Till.

Edit a HICAPS claimed script

When you edit a script that has had a HICAPS claim accepted a HICAPS prompt is displayed:

Delete a HICAPS claimed script

When you delete a script that has had a HICAPS claim accepted the Delete script? Prompt is displayed with extra information about the claim details: