The HICAPS Claim History report can be accessed from Dispense Reporting. The report is filtered by Customer, for either a specific script number or all claimed scripts or just for a specific script. The report can be defined by each HICAPS program.

To run the report

From the Minfos Launch Pad:

1. Click the Dispense Reports icon or click the Dispense menu and select Dispense Reports.

The Dispense Reporting module is displayed.

2. Click the Patients menu and select C. HICAPS Claim History.

The HICAPS Claim History window is displayed.

3. If required, enter the customers surname or customer code in the Customer Name field and press [Tab]. If the surname was used the Customer Search Window is displayed. Highlight the correct customer and click Okay. Leave blank to run the report for a specific Script Number.

4. If required, enter the Script Number. Leave blank to report on all HICAPS claims.

5. If required, click the Program dropdown and select the relevant program from the list.6. Click OK to run the report.

Report Example