This option will clear your stock on hand for a range products not counted since or on the 'Stocktake date', it does not clear the stocked status. If your pharmacy is set up for FIFO, the FIFO values for these products will be lost.

Warning: This process cannot be reversed. If you enter the incorrect date, all SOH (including the stock that you have correctly counted) may be cleared. Proceed with caution.

From Stock Manager:

1. Click the Stock Control menu and select 5. Clear Old Stock Values.

The Clear Stock Values window is displayed.

2. Either leave the Clear By set at 1. Department or click the dropdown and select 2. Location.

3. Enter the required From and To range. Leave these on the default to clear old stock values for the whole pharmacy, or enter the name or code of the required category.

4. Enter the Stocktake Date.

Note: This must be date from the past. If you counted the stock today, enter yesterday's date. 

5. Check the Continue checkbox.6. Click Okay.

The following prompt is displayed.7. Click Yes to continue. Or No to return to the Clear Stock Values window.

The following prompt is displayed. 8. Click Yes to continue. Or No to return to the Clear Stock Values window.

  • If the date entered is within a month of today's date, the following prompt is displayed
  • Click Yes to continue, or No to return to the Clear Stock Values window

The Processing window is displayed.Stock Manager will re-display once the stock on hand has been cleared.

Products that have not been counted since the date entered will now have no stock on hand. You should review the Reorder (Stocked) status of these products.