This option is used to record the cash transactions from your Bank Statement before moving to the Bank Reconciliation process in the Cash Manager module. These types of transactions may or may not have invoices.

From the Payables module:

1. Click the Transaction menu and select 3. Manual Entry.

The Payables Transactions > Cheque Entry window is displayed.

Note: The Cheque Entry window is automatically displayed, this can be closed by clicking Cancel.

2. Enter the required Supplier. Type in the required supplier Code and press [Tab] or enter the supplier's name and  press [Tab] to search for the supplier.

The Supplier Search Window is displayed.

a. Highlight the required supplier and click Okay or press [Enter].

3. Enter the Cheque Date, this defaults to today's date. The Invoice Date and Date Received will also update, but can be changed.

4. Enter the Cheque No.

5. Enter the Invoice No., if required.

6. Enter a short Description for the Cheque.

7. Enter the Date Received this defaults to today's date.

8. Update the Bank G.L. A/c, if required.

9. If required, enter a Discount.

10. Click Add.The General Ledger Account Entry window is displayed.

11. If required update the Account Number. Enter the account number or press [Delete] to clear the default account number and press [Tab] to search all accounts.

 The General Ledger Search Window is displayed.

a. Find and highlight the appropriate Account No. and click Okay or press [Enter].

The Account Number and Account Name are updated.

12. Enter the Total (Inc GST).

13. Adjust the GST field, if required. If there is no GST, uncheck the Calc GST checkbox.14. Ensure the figures match the Cheque and click Okay.

The General Ledger Account Entry window is displayed.

15. Click Cancel to close.

The Cheque Entry window is displayed.16. Click Okay to save.

The Cheque Entry window is displayed.

17. Repeat steps 2 to 16 to continue adding Cheques, or click Cancel to close.

The Payables Transactions window is displayed.18. The next step is to confirm the Cheque, refer to Confirm Payables Transactions.