Supplier Work Bench allows you to browse the history of invoices, credits and payments made to suppliers. You can also modify the supplier and cancel a Cheque from this window.

Open Supplier Work Bench

From the Payables module:

1. Click the Transaction menu and select 6. Supplier Work Bench.

The Supplier Work Bench window is displayed.

a. Supplier Code

Type in the required supplier Code and press [Tab] or enter the supplier's name and press [Tab] to search for the supplier.

The Supplier Search Window is displayed.

Highlight the required supplier and click Okay or press [Enter].

b. Modify SupplierAllows you to edit the supplier details.
c. Starting Date and Ending Date:Allows you to enter the required date range.
d. Opening BalanceCheck the Opening Balance checkbox to display the selected supplier's opening balance.
e. Show PaidCheck the Show Paid checkbox to also include transactions marked as paid.
f. Displays all transactions
g. NextAllows you to view the next page of transactions for the supplier.
h. PrevAllows you to view the next page of transactions for the supplier.
i. AddAllows you to add a new Invoice, Credit or Cheque.
The Transaction Type window is displayed.1. Select the required transaction and click Okay.
Refer to Payables Invoice Entry, Payables Credits Entry or Payables Manual Cheque Entry for more information.
j. ChangeAllows you to change the selected transaction.
1. Highlight the required transaction and click Change.
The Invoice/Credit/Cheque Editing window is displayed.
Refer to Edit a Payables Transaction for more information.
k. Delete
Allows you to delete the selected transaction.
Note: You can only delete transactions if you do not have Minfos POS linked.
l. EnquireAllows you to view the selected transaction. 
m. CopyAllows you to copy the selected transaction.
n. Cancel ChequeRefer to Cancel a Cheque in Payables.