The Minfos Payables module is a powerful tool for managing your Creditors requirements. 

The Payables module allows you to:

  • Record Invoice and Credit Entries
  • Edit Transactions
  • Enquire on transactions by Supplier, General Ledger Account and Voucher
  • Record Payments using various methods
  • Produce a range of reports for Payables Analysis

Using the Payables system involves setting up the information that will be drawn upon when processing invoices received, and payments made. 

This involves maintenance of:

  • Suppliers Details
  • Chart of Accounts

Once details have been set up for these areas you can run your creditors system smoothly and efficiently. 

The Payables module has the following inputs, outputs and processes:


  • Invoices for stock and services
  • Credits for stock or services
  • Manual Invoice Entry for non-stock services
  • Manual Credit Entry for non-stock credits
  • Manual Cheque Entry for stock and non-stock services


  • Reconciliation and Payment for stock and non-stock invoices and credits
  • Printing of Remittance Advices


  • Reports
  • Creditors’ Ageing
  • Cheque Lists