Minfos can run an incremental backup at a set interval, by default this is set to every 10 minutes. When the incremental backup is run, Minfos backs up any changes made since the last backup and runs in conjunction with the daily full backup. You can continue to use Minfos whilst the incremental backup is running.

Regular backups are critical to help minimise data loss in the event of hardware failure.

 If you have Minfos Cloud Backup(MCB) enabled the backups will be automatically backed up offsite. If you use a different offsite backup provider speak to them about also backing up incremental backups

*Minfos Cloud Backup is an additional paid Minfos service, click here for more information on MCB.

The status of your backups are displayed in the footer on all Minfos modules.

If the status of the Incremental backup is displayed in red, it means there have been no successful incremental backups completed after 2 hours. If this occurs, it is recommended you run a manual backup, click here to learn how.

To view/adjust the incremental backup settings

Note: We recommend you liaise with Minfos Support prior to making any changes to your incremental backup settings. If you make changes to incremental backup configurations, e.g. turning it off, and this impacts Minfos’ ability to support you with a database recovery, you may incur additional support fees.
 You will need to shut down the Minfos Server Database to save the configuration change.

From the Minfos Launch Pad:

1. Click the Special menu and select Utilities.

The Utilities module is displayed.

2. Click the Config menu and select 1. Shop Configuration.

The Shop Configuration window is displayed.

3. Click the Backup tab.

4. From the Incremental backup settings section, you can:

a. Disable the incremental backup by unchecking the Incremental backup enabled checkbox.

Warning: We strongly advise against disabling the incremental backup.

b. Adjust the Time between backups (mins), enter the required time in this field.

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5. Click OK to save any changes.

6. The Minfos Server Database needs to be shutdown for this configuration setting to be changed. Close Minfos on all workstations, and refer to Minfos Server Database Shutdown procedure learn how to shut down your database