Refer to the table below to determine what is required if you a going through a change of ownership and the business structure is also changing. Some of the steps below need to be completed outside of Minfos, some will need to be completed in your Minfos software.

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Changes for PBS Online, eHealth and your Minfos database


Steps to take

New Approval Number


Follow the steps in the Changing the approval number article to update Minfos.

Note: The approval number should not be updated in Minfos until settlement has taken place.

Add PBS Online as Service Provider in PRODA


Please follow the steps here to add and link to PBS Online in PRODA (you will need your new pharmacy approval number to complete this step).


If you need assistance with the linking process, please contact PRODA on 1800 700 199 and select Option 1 or at

Register your B2B Device in PRODA


Please follow the guide here to register your B2B Device and update Minfos.



Complete the Services Australia HW055 form found here.



Once you receive your new HPI-O number, please enter it into your Minfos software by following the guide here.

New NASH Certificate


Please follow instructions here.


Once the NASH Certificate is ready to download you can: 

  1. Install it following the steps here , or
  2. Contact Minfos Support to assist you with the installation.

New MyHR Registration


  1. Log into your PRODA account
  2. Select Go to service on the Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) tile. If you get a request to confirm organisation here as the next step, Select No Organisation - proceed as an individual only and click continue.
  3. Select My programs.
  4. Select Healthcare Identifiers Change ownership of a Seed Organisation.

Once your request is processed your new HPI-O number will be sent to your HPOS mailbox.

New Provider Participation Agreement


Click here for more information.

Re-register with eRx


  1. Go to the website.
  2. Click on Register Now.
  3. Click on We are a Pharmacy.
  4. Select the option This is a re-registration because the pharmacy has already been using eRx and has changed to a new approval number.
  5. Supply the remainder of the requested information.

*When eRx has processed the registration, they will automatically notify Minfos which will generate an Incident. Minfos will call back regarding that Incident and will notify you that the eRx gateway is registered and the pharmacy can begin trading.

Update your Business Details in Minfos


To update your pharmacy name and details in Minfos please refer to the guide here.

Add new pharmacists, sales clerks etc. in Minfos

Review Customer Account Information in Minfos

Create PharmX Accounts in Minfos


Change the Preferred Wholesaler in Minfos

Note: Contact Minfos Support to request the PharmX site ID for NDSS orders.

If required, Change your Preferred Wholesaler.

New to Minfos

To assist you with a smooth start on your Minfos journey refer to:

Not the correct COO process, refer to: