There is a configuration option that you can apply in Dispense to prevent dispensing a product where the stock on hand is or will go into negative stock.  

To change the configuration setting to prevent negative SOH for dispensed products:

From Dispense Pro:

1. Click the Maintenance menu and select D. Configuration.

The Configuration window is displayed.

2. Navigate to the Dispense/Customer tab.

3. If the Allow Negative SOH checkbox is:

  • Checked: All products can be dispense, regardless of the SOH
  • Not checked: From the Dispense Form, when dispensing a product where the SOH is zero, negative or less than the dispensed quantity, the Negative SOH prompt is displayed:

a. Click OK to close the prompt.

b. To continue dispensing this script, the dispenser will need to either:

  • Adjust the stock on hand in Product Maintenance before proceeding with dispensing
  • Dispense a brand the pharmacy does have in stock
  • Change the quantity being dispensed

Note: Committed stock (where the stock has already been dispensed to another customer but not collected) is not available stock.